Saturday, June 5, 2010

My sister Chris sent me some pictures of a bird that she started noticing in her back yard. Last Saturday she found an unfinished birdhouse in her basement and so she took it outside and hung it in her back yard. Within 2 hours, she started noticing this beautiful blue bird hanging out in her back yard and sure enough, both the male and female took up residency in the birdhouse. She ran and grabbed her new Cannon camera and started taking pictures. When she sent them to me by email today, I knew I had to make a digital layout. This is an American Sparrow and the male is this gorgeous blue while the female looks like a regular sparrow - brown tones. So they are now her backyard tenants. This is a template from Basic Grey that I picked up a few weeks ago. Instead of background paper on the layout, I loaded the photo she took of one of the birds sticking their head out of the hole of the birdhouse and lowered the opacity so it makes it look like an overlay almost. Enjoy and find time to play.

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