Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend projects

So I finally had a free weekend - meaning we didn't "have" to be anywhere. I had a lot of things I needed to get done in the yard before winter sets in and as cold as it got on Saturday,I'm guessing that's not too far away. Anyway, I was able to play in my craftroom a lot this weekend and my goal was to use some of the stuff I had in my stash to make some halloween cards. I LOVE halloween - but mostly just love all the cute stuff out there and the colors - who can't love these colors.

But first I wanted to post the pictures of those home decor items I mentioned in my blog last week. So here goes, the one that has all of the fall words is hanging in our bathroom and the other 2 are in our back porch area. I'd love to hear what you think of these - but I think they are too cool and a great way to use up some paper.0

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Waiting for a new blog

Thank you for everyone that keeps coming back to check out my blog. I am way out of my element when it comes to formating my blog and I realized that when I tried to take an online class to "bling out my blog." As I mentioned in my last post back in September, I am on a waiting list to update my blog. So please stay tuned and thank you for being faithful for coming back and checking it out.

I did want to pass along a little tip to you about how to use up some of that background paper we're all hoarding. I have a few pictures in my house that are just squares - they are flat on top and flat on the sides. They look like a 10" box but only 1 or 2 inches deep - away from the way. I picked up 2 of these a year or so ago at Pier 1 and they had painted flowers on them - one had a tulip and 1 had a hyacinth on it. Well spring has passed and I like to change out my pictures for the season and so I took a piece of background paper that I had and cut it down to 10x10 and put temporary tape on the back of it and stuck it to the front of one of the pictures. I wish you could see how cool it looks. I have 1 hanging in my bathroom above our towel bar and 1 is out on our back porch. When Fall is over, I will switch it out for a Christmas paper. When I was putting up the 1 on our back porch I saw that I had a little frame hanging next to it - I think it's 5x7 and it has a mirror in the center of it. I took a piece of brown background paper that had a large dark brown (tone on tone) magnolia and cut it down to 5x7 and put it over the frame. I then took a few orange rhinestones and placed them here and there on the center of the flower to catch the light and give it some depth. It looks great next to the 10x10 picture I have next to it. I'll try and post some photos of it when my blog is updated. A lot of you may or may not have heard of people "wrapping their pictures on their walls like Christmas packages" for the holidays. Well this is right along those same lines, only you don't have to wrap it around the frame - just set it on top using removable tape.

So think about using your scrapbook supplies for home decor. I know we've all read a lot of articles about using our scrapbook supplies for home decor and wall rub-ons are a big thing right now, so this fits right in there. I hope you'll try it out and email me a picture of what you've done. I've got a few other home decor ideas using the numerous amount of scrapbooking supplies I have, so watch for more tips.

Until next time, get those creative juices going. This weekend I plan on making halloween cards. I LOVE halloween - not so much the whole gouls and goblins thing, but the colors and all of the cool embellishments that are out there. So I will post some of my creations next week.