Thursday, April 29, 2010

The weekend is almost here - YIPEE. I thought it was supposed
to rain today so my DH and I did all of the yard work last night. I love the smell of fresh cut grass and the way the yard looks when everything is cut and trimmed. So there he was, riding around the yard on the rider mower with his right hand on the steering wheel and his left hand holding the infamous cup of cappuccino. I quick ran and grabbed my camera and put together a layout using one of Jessica Sprague's One Buck Wednesday Template 7 that I bought yesterday. If you haven't already - sign up for her emails if you are interested in digital scrapbooking. She has One Buck Wednesdays every single Wednesday and you can pick up some great deals. She had Crystal Wilkerson's November 09 paper pack for $1.00 - originally $12.99. That's 52 sheets of digital paper for only 1 buck - you can't beat that deal. On top of that she has a lot of freebies she's giving away starting at 10:00 PM tonight and through the weekend to celebrate National Scrapbooking Day which is on Saturday - May 1st.

It's getting late, so I'll quickly post this 2 page layout so you can see it put together. I would love to hear your thoughts, comments, critique, or what you think of digital scrapbooking. I know I'm hooked, can you tell. Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Is digital scrapbooking like being at work on the computer - NO WAY - it's way more fun than even the worst day at work.

Don't forget, click on the image and then hold down your control key and move your wheel on your mouse to zoom in on the layout.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

So my sisters bought me some digital classes for Christmas from the Jessica Sprague website and one that I am trying to finish up is instructor led and it is Type+Writer 1. It's a really neat class and you learn a lot about Photoshop and what to do with it. So this one of the lessons. We completed 6 layous for this one and then the next week we went right into Type+Writer 2. I haven't finished any of those layouts yet. So let me know what you think.

(If you want to enlarge the picture so you can read my journaling. Click on the picture and then hold your control key down and scroll up or down with the wheel on your mouse. Great way to see detail in a project.)

He everyone. Hope you enjoyed your weekend. Mine was good. I actually love weekends when it's raining so I can play in my craftroom. So I was cleaning up my table when I came across a couple of overlays and forgot how much I liked these. I thought I'd post these 2 photos of cards from the Stampin' Up overlays. I need demonstrate these more often. They sure make a very quick card - but are very hard to photograph. You can still get these before the new catalog comes out. I don't know if they are going to carry new ones in the new catalog or discontinue them completely. Pull them out and play with them - just watch your finger prints. Those can be a bit tricky to get off.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hi everyone. I will be posting some cards but just on my picasa album. Click on the link below to go to Picasa. In the meantime, I wanted to send a quick post of something really cool that happened today. It was gorgeous outside yesterday and today, so I got a lot of gardening done. Today I was working on the other bed closer to the house when I grated a big pile of mulch and what looked like fur and sure enough, underneath were these little cuties. At first I thought they were baby mice but then Peter ran up from the fire pit where he was burning and sure enough they moved just a little bit and you could see their ears. Now try and keep a dog away from there - that's almost impossible. I turned my back for just a few minutes and she had dug them all out of the hole. I gave her a swat on the butt and covered them back up. There are 5 of them in this little tiny hole. I then proceeded to get some netting and cover this huge bush of tulips right next to them. I mean - salad bar right outside their door. What a feel good find. Have a great week everyone.